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Enjoy nature in the Garrotxa!

Social Room

The children (the kings of the Camping) make theirs the whole facility to play in the roads, or in the exterior parking area with the tranquility that gives knowing they’re in a safe place.

The pool and other sport and leisure facilities of the town are right beside!

However, there is a place reserved for them (for the kings of the camping): the playground with a sandpit and games they will love. They can also enjoy the small farm.

And if you try to read, watch the TV or do homework, we have the Social Room. A community building, with large tables, equipped for collective activities: to play, eat, have a snack with friends or to shelter from the rain.


The campsite has 117 plots spread over sectors taking advantage of four levels offered by the natural terrain.



The main facilities are located in the central part of the Camping, which gives them great functionality for clients.


Social room

The younger ones may play in the children area, and for all the clients we have the Social Room, a space for collective activities.



Rental facilities throughout the whole year mobile homes.

It has also land plots for tents, caravans and motorhomes.