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Enjoy nature in the Garrotxa!

Inclusive and eco camping

The Camping Les Preses Natura has followed a policy of inclusive and ecological principles since its inception. All the services that surround our activity are directly involved in the Garrotxa’s natural area. The conservation of nature and the responsible use of its resources, as well as the promotion of these values, are present in all the company’s activities. Our goal is to create the minimum negative impact on the local, social and economic environment.

The 0 Mile philosophy and the valuation of the resources of the territory are some of the guidelines that we take into account in our day to day activity and that we encourage to our clients.

We strive to implement actions that benefit our human team, our community and the planet as well.

Practical application of our policy of ecological and social principles:

  • We seek involvement and participation in popular activities that promote the preservation of our territory.
  • We collaborate with entities and companies in the territory with which we share the objectives of enjoying nature in a respectful manner.
  • The range of routes for excursions on foot or on bicycle, especially family ones, are created by the Camping itself, taking into account the values of the territory.
  • We collaborate on projects focused on giving opportunities to groups at risk of social exclusion.
  • We provide services and put our resources into activities aimed at people with reduced mobility or special needs.
  • We organize our projects with the aim of minimizing the CO₂ footprint.
  • The maintenance of the Camping is done with traditional methods and with natural products.
  • Within the company, we practice the classification of residues and the use of biodegradable products, as well as the responsible use of energy and water.
  • We promote a healthy lifestyle in contact with the natural environment.