The Camping Les Preses Natura wants you to enjoy a pleasant stay. We appreciate your respect for the other neighbors, our staff, the facilities and the environment in general. We are at your disposal to resolve any matter that is in our hands.

For descriptive purposes, the mobile homes, caravans and bungalows for rent are called “rental equipment”.

The Added Taxes (VAT and tourist tax) will be the valid ones during the stay.

The regulations applied to the Camping Les Preses Natura, is the current official of the Government of Catalonia, complemented by the normative of the Camping that is as follows:



Open from 9 am to 21 pm. Economic payments at the reception up to 20h.

Low and medium season (Saturdays and Sundays) from 14 to 16h closed.

Please all persons entering the Camping facilities must pre-register at the reception, so much for the guests who stay overnight as for who doesn’t.

The stay in the rental equipment involves a deposit of € 50 (cash or by credit card) that will be returned on the day of departure, once a revision of the state of the equipment.

The early departure before the reserved days does not imply a refund of the amount reserved for the stay.



The entrance gate closes from 12 pm to 8 am. If you want to enter or leave during this time frame it must be informed at the reception.

From 12 pm to 8 am you can enter and leave the camping, but you must leave your car in the parking lot outside and respect the absolute silence. You must notify the reception.

The cars must carry a TICKET provided by the Reception that must be visible within the camping.



Rental equipment

Admission: from 16 pm. Departure: before 12 am.

You must deliver the rental equipment collected and ordered as delivered.

The “late check out” (exit at 18h) is possible, but is only allowed depending on availability and paying the appropriate fee.

The loss of the key will involve a payment of 10 euros.



Admission: from 12h. Exit (leaving the venue): before 12am.

The “late check out” (exit at 18h) is only allowed subject to availability and paying the appropriate fee.



The camping has two communal barbecues where you just have to bring the coal. In the plots only high barbecues and in good condition are permitted.



All vehicles must limit their speed to 10 km / hour. No parking is allowed in empty plots or from other clients.



It is mandatory to preserve the privacy of the residents throughout the day (music volume, TV, gatherings, dogs…)

From 12 pm to 8 am the absolute silence must be respected.



The camping accepts pets, in camping stays as well as in the rental equipment. Please respect the specific regulations for pets. We emphasize that on the grounds of the camping pets should always be linked with a short leash in the plot (under the responsibility of the owner of the animal). They can take a walk outside the camping and excrement must be collected.

Animals should always be accompanied by a responsible owner.



You must respect the basic rules of coexistence, ethics, decency and public order.

Should any damage occur to the facilities and / or accommodation because of misuse made by the user it will be charged the cost of the damage at the reception.

The camping Les Preses Natura is not responsible for:

  • Theft, robbery, disappearance of bicycles or other objects not belonging to the camping.
  • Wounds or injuries within our facilities.
  • Damage caused by force majeure or not directly attributable produced by natural elements (trees, animals, rain, wind, floods, etc.).
  • Damage to any electrical appliance plugged in or not.

– The Management reserves the right of admission, cancellation or expulsion.

– For objective reasons of violating the rules of the camping or force majeure, the client can be invited and / or forced to leave the camping.



At the camping reception there will always be staff representing the Management. At night there is a security guard.

The Camping Les Preses Natura is considered quiet and family oriented, but do not neglect objects outside or in the toilets.